SNAP 2018 – Results with Problems. Careers at stake?

“Symbiosis University, a name which gives all of the students a thrill and an adrenaline rush for admission but how will a student feel when such big university misconduct or does not allow the students to clarify the doubts and allegations about the university.

SNAP 2018

16th December 2018 Symbiosis university conducted their exam called SNAP like every year and students were really hoping for the better results. The days passed by and the answer key was available in the site by the university but to everyone’s amusement, it was only the answer key and not the student’s answer sheet. Like CAT and other MBA exams, it was supposed to be both the answer key as well as students answer sheet so that all the students can match and look for the future which was a big disappointment till date.

When everyone matched their scores it was a hope that lit everyone’s heart to get a call from a renowned university but to everyone despair, the results when came officially gave a shock to many. the students who expected 65 got 45; students who got 80 was about to get 90+; some got zero.

Students more than 3500 in number signed the petition by the help of and some tried to talk to authorities of symbiosis university but it all was in vain. Students were lacking 25-30 marks from actual percentile and when raised voice university did not hear it.”

SNAP 2018

SNAP 2018 continued… “Students are just demanding their answer sheet with actual answer key which on the part of being a student and making a carrier is not wrong and due to this, we are drawing your attention towards this critical issue which can happen by any university and we are the one who does not raise voice against it.

When universities like Symbiosis can do a mistake in 3 questions of their own exam perhaps this can be the reason for the misleading of the results directly from the database. Symbiosis had sent a mail to every student that no revision will be done in the scorecard so can we students say that they know they were at fault already. Telling students that 1 question of GK, 1 question of DI-LR and 1 question of maths were wrong and who attempted it will get the marks and not allowing them to know their own attempt sheet is right?? how we students will believe that the university had allowed us the marks??

I, Chanpreet Kaur Dutta, Vibhor, Monika, Naman, Roopam, Priya, Priyanka, Aishwarya from Raipur demand our attempt sheet and when our fellow mates asked for help from our coaching, they also denied.

Now, concluding all of it we only have certain questions from university and coaching institutes that is India really a democratic country and if your answer is yes then being so well educated and experienced why we are allowing others to say that India’s education system is not up to the mark. Are we raising the talent or slavery for the jobs ??


‘Universe of Thoughts’ has tried to bring this issue in front of all MBA Aspirants. The Exam Conducting Bodies are liable to answer any doubt raised by students. C

Let’s hope that transparency will be maintained in the exams like MAT, CMAT, ATMA etc. that are scheduled in this year. In case anything goes wrong, we shall stand together.

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