Critical Reasoning Practice Test with Solutions

Q.1) Directions: In the following question a statement is given followed by two courses of action. A course of action is taken for improvement, follow up, etc. Read the statement carefully and give your answer as Statement : In a recent survey by the National Health mission it was showed that fruits and vegetables which contain certain vitamins have a higher effect on human health than capsules marketed by private companies that contain the same vitamins.

Course of Action:
I. Such vitamin capsules marketed by private companies should be banned with immediate effect.
II. People should prefer fruits and vegetables to capsules marketed by private companies.
Q.2) Directions: The following question, a statement is given followed by two conclusions.

Statement : Ahmedabad has a lower population and hence is a safer place to live.

I. A city which has less population is a better place to live. 
II. Ahmedabad has lower number of crimes than Bombay.
Q.3) In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statements and the following assumption and decide which of the assumption is/are implicit in the statement.

Statement: The General Administration Department has issued a circular to all the employees informing them that hence forth the employees can avail their lunch break at any of the half hour slots between 1 : 00 pm and 2 : 30 pm.

I. The employees may welcome the decision and avail lunch break at different time slots.
II. There may not be any break in the work of the organization as the employees will have their lunch break at different time slots.
Q.4) Determine which of the following statements are Facts(F), Judgements(J) and Inference(I).

1. We should not be hopelessly addicted to an erroneous belief that corruption in India is caused by the crookedness of Indians.

2. The truth is that we have more red tape or we take eighty-nine days to start a small business, Australians take two.

3. Red tape leads to corruption and distorts a people‘s character.

4. Every red tape procedure is a point of contact with an official, and such contacts have the potential to become opportunities for money to change hands.
Q.5) Statement: Should all the drugs patented and manufactured in Western countries be first tried out on sample basis before giving licence for sale to general public in India?

Arguments: Yes. Many such drugs require different doses and duration for Indian population and hence it is necessary.

No. This is just not feasible and hence cannot be implemented.

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