Does Past Academic Record affect Placements? Reality Check

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It is said that people with good academic records easily excel in Life. Is it an assumption or there is some scientific reason attached to it? What about people who want to pursue higher education and think of getting placed in good companies but don’t have healthy academic records.

Past Academic Record affect Placements

Let us understand the real-time scenario. There are students who target top colleges providing fantastic placements like IIMs, IITs, XLRIs, NITIE etc. The students who crack the entrance exam are always worried about their worth that will be counted during final placements.

The top colleges check the past academic record to evaluate students and then finally think of granting admission. If a student performs well in Group Discussion and Personal Interview then there is high probability of getting selected.

Let’s us get Acquainted to Market Situation

CASE 1 – Criteria base Recruitment Process

CASE 2 – Non criteria based Recruitment process

CASE 1 – Companies keep criteria

There are companies visiting your college campus that put criteria to filter students. The criteria is strict by some companies like TCS, BOSCH etc (60% in SSC, HSC and Graduation). Some companies don’t mind little concession(58%+ will do)

Such companies filter a lot of candidates using percentage criteria then process with other rounds of selection process. In this case, a student having an average past academic record cannot help much but to let go that company.

CASE 2 – No criteria

There are tons of companies that don’t consider academic records for their selection process. They focus on your performance in selection rounds like Group Discussion, Personal Interview, Aptitude test etc. Every student cannot have extra-ordinary record throughout their graduation. Such companies should be an ideal target for students with average or poor academic records. The consequent selection rounds give ample of opportunities to impress the recruiters.

What can be done to compensate for Poor or Average Academic Records?

Past Academic Record affect Placements

Well, there are many options to compensate for poor academic records as follows

  1. Internship with good company
  2. Live Projects (about 5-6 minimum)
  3. Publishing Research Papers
  4. Joining NGOs/committees/clubs
  5. Doing Certification courses etc.


Students should not think much about average academic records because the past cannot be changed. The present and future can be changed by grabbing the available opportunities and adding value to the resume.

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Past Academic Record affect Placements

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