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Hello Uotians, the Internship phase is very important for all the MBA students. It helps you to understand Corporate Culture. We have started with a new series – MBA Internship Diaries so that you will have an idea about what happens during the internship phase and what can be done to increase your productivity.


Remember, if you work hard in the Internship phase there is a fair chance of getting placed with the same organization.

Hi everyone Myself Nidhi jaju I am a BBA (HR) graduate, did my PG diploma in HR and currently pursuing MBA and specialising in Human resource management . So during MBA summer break I did my internship with ESDS software solutions Pvt ltd nashik which is one of indias largest managed data centre service. I was mainly working in the employee engagement vertical of the HR department. My area of responsibility was planning and assisting in executing  the employee engagement activities for the employees. There are quizzes organized on every Wednesday and it was named WOW (wisdom on wednesday) wherein quizzes were circulated on mails through which the employees gained knowledge.   There were team synergy activities, monthly birthday bash and many more activities organised depending on the significance pf the day like international yoga day we had a yoga session and many more activities. There’s a proper employee engagement calender prepared which truly required a lotttt of thought process and innovation. Umm i was very fortunate as i faced very few challenges during the internship But one of the major challenge was to get the employees to participate in the activity organized for them. That was a real task because logo ko wo mindset hota hai ki kaha activity me itna time waste karneka Jaldi se kaam khatam karte hai and ghar jaatey hai So to get people’s participation was a big challenge but then we made some changes in the programs and conducted really short activities which helped us in increasing the number of participants.   Other then that my entire internship experience was amazing! Full of learning new things and working in an amazing work culture Thats all. Thank you
Hello Everyone, I am Himanshu Habde. I did my graduation in the stream of Hotel Management and currently pursuing M.B.A from MET's Institute Of Management. I am doing my specialization in Human Resource Management. Now why such a diversion from hospitality industry to a corporate world? At times the field that you select to make your career in, may or may not work for you.   In my case I found out that I was not a perfect fit for Hotel Management. In my first internship in The Oberoi Mumbai, I got a chance to work in Human Resource department and I found that my interest is shifting towards Human Resource, so M.B.A was a great platform from where my interest would be transformed into my profession so M.B.A it was. As far as my current experience is concerned, I did my internship in ConsultANS India, ConsultANS is not a consultancy firm who recruit and place candidates, but a design, branding & Marketing firm based in Mumbai. I think I was way too lucky that I got selected in a start-up company where there were lots of things learnt and got a great exposure as well. The company takes projects of start ups which are new in the market and designs their branding strategies, their advertisement, promotion of the company and many more things. There's always a confusion that weather to work in a start-up or a brand? Since I was a fresher, I always seek to gain more and more knowledge about the work in the department in which I am specializing, As per my personal opinion you would get an exceptional exposure in a start-up company. As far as my role was concerned, I was acting as a Human Resource Executive in ConsultANS, Talent Acquisition, Client Handling, Business Development, Interviewing Candidates, Bringing in new projects for the company were all the prime tasks for which I was responsible. At times handling and convincing aggressive clients & Handling crucial situations was a big challenge that I faced in this particular firm and successfully overcame it as well. SUMMER INTERNSHIPS??? It was an overall awesome experience and I enjoyed it to my fullest I hope this blog helps you to have a clear vision about your future career goals. ALL THE BEST !!!
Hello Everyone. My name is Malika Notani. I did my graduation in BBA (Finance) and I am currently pursuing M.B.A. and specializing in Finance from MET’s Institute of Management. My core interest area is to find out how do the companies compute their costs and the other aspects that include taxation, fixed asset management, pay roll activities and so on. Thus to get a hand on experience on this, I got an opportunity to do my internship with one of the renowned pharma companies – GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited. My area of competence was to analyse the cost associated with an anti-acid product named – Zinetac. Though it was not easy the major obstacle that I faced during this was to understand the terminologies and the strategies which are used by the company. Being a non- pharma student, it was difficult to understand in-depth about the significance of excipients and API’s and their use. GSK India has completed more than 90 years in India. Thus, the other challenge for me was to identify the areas where the company is incurring huge expenses and how to curb on these expenses. The obsolete machineries and employee allocation were the areas in which the company can control their increasing cost of production. This was definitely out of my comfort zone. But it is rightly said - “Roadblocks gives the strength to perseverance.” My overall experience was astonishing. According to my opinion, your academic background doesn’t affect your interest area. You can excel in anything and everything only if you are passionate. That is all. I hope this will add some value. Thank you. All the best.
Hello Everyone. I am Abhilash Pandit. I have done my graduation in Commerce with Costing Specialization. Currently, I am pursuing MBA in Finance. I did my summer internship with HDFC Bank. I was project trainee for 2 months.   So let me brief you about my journey. The selection process started with the pool campus round. Where 6 different collages were participating. Around total 80 students were competing with each other. I was quite nervous about seeing the entire environment. Then they divided us into a group of 10, and Group discussion round was taken. I was fortunate enough to crack the GD round and I was among the selected candidates.   After 2 weeks we had an online examination conducted by the bank. It includes English, Math’s, Reasoning, and psychometric test. I was among the top 8 students who got selected from our campus. And so here came the 1st day of my job. I was a bit nervous and the heart was beating up a drum. On the very 1st day I was ask to do of profiling the saving account. I was totally blanked because I didn’t know what’s it all about and how am I suppose to do. But I had to manage on my own because it was a direct order from the branch manager. But I was lucky one of my colleagues helped me out and the 1st task was completed. I had to face a lot more challenges during the entire period of 2 months.   One of the most common problems I had to face was the trust issue form the customer. As I was not the regular staff of the branch the people did not trust me I was asked to help them out I was trying hard to do so but I was getting very less support for customers end, but as the time pass by they started trusting me.   There were few daily customers who became familiar with me and now they will ask others the where is the new guy we need his help. Another challenge which I faced was that the branch which I was allotted was situated in a rural area; the lot of customers was farmers and small shopkeepers. HDFC bank offers tons of good products but it was hard to convince the people about the product and services. I had to study a lot regarding the product its USP (Unique selling price) its benefits and how will it help the customer to make their daily routine ease. I had to explain them in very simple layman terms, so to understand the benefits. Sometimes there were some products or services which even I didn’t know about and the customers use to ask the queries so it was really hard trying to solve the query which was itself a query for me. And somehow I managed the customers and that were I discovered my hidden talent to handle the situation.   And so guys it was all about my experience. I hope it will help you in your internship. And just friendly advice to all those of you who are going to start there internship. Just be patient and apply all of your knowledge you have acquired till now. And observation is the key trust me guys but observation skill is going to help you a lot and always be open for suggestions and keep learning. And wish you all the best for the roller costar fun ride of internship.
Hi everyone This is Nishi Agrawal and today I am here to share the experience I had during my summer internship. I have completed my graduation in Bachelor of Management Studies specialization Finance and currently pursuing MBA and specializing in Finance. I did my internship in Mindspring Advisors which is an investment banking firm situated in Mumbai. The role of an investment bank is very crucial as it links the investors to various investment options in different companies. I was appointed as a management trainee for a period of 2 months. The task given to me during the tenure was related to populating the data. It means that there was a list of around 5000 companies of different industries/ sectors which was provided to me and I had to find out the loans of those companies through various websites like MCA and then to identify the potential customers to whom we can pitch for the services that we could provide them i.e. we would arrange their loans as per their requirements while reducing their interests. The second task which was given was related to the information memorandum (IM) and transaction multiples. IM is a presentation made by us on behalf of a company looking for potential investors. This is then presented to a client without disclosing the name of the company. And also I made transaction multiples related to the sector of the company. The major challenge that I had during my internship was that the data which was required for the IM was not readily available on the internet as not every company publish their data, as well as the data which was available, was varying from sites to sites. But with the help of my seniors, I could complete the given task. The overall experience was amazing. The thing I learned during this period was that you should never give up no matter how difficult the task is. I feel that internship is a part of learning which is necessary so that we can get an exposure in the real corporate world. This is the time in which you need not have the proper knowledge and you go to the industry to learn so do not feel that if you ask someone something that will make you less worthy. This was something that was told to me by my senior at work. I hope this video and this blog will help you all out there watching or reading this. Thank you.
Hi everyone my name is Aishwarya Chavan
I am science graduate student in Mathematics. Currently, I am pursuing M.B.A in Marketing,
I have completed my internship at Edelweiss financial services limited Nashik, as a marketing intern Edelweiss financial services is a subsidiary of Edelweiss group. When I joined, there was an offer going on in our company, my job was to inform the clients about the offers and convert them into investors or potential investors,  I had to convey this offer through the phone which meant I had to do telemarketing.
When I was working at times the people were not ready to listen and also convincing them was a difficult job because a lot of people were not aware of the stock market in detail, I think this was a major challenge which I faced during the Internship, but with time and experience I overcame the obstacles.
And as the proverb says ( PRACTICE MAKES MAN PERFECT!) it helped me to deal with my clients and I also made them buy our products, that was a great achievement for me. I was also assigned with certain responsibilities which included handling the walk-in clients and by understanding their investment objectives I had to make sure that they would get the correct financial products.  Apart from this experience I also learnt how to handle hectic situations in a calm manner, How should one keep his/her nerves and take accurate decisions, how to maintain professionalism at work, prioritizing & being highly sophisticated at a workplace.
Last but not the least, It was a pleasure working for such a reputed organization and I definitely had an excellent time in  Edelweiss Financial Services. I really hope this blog helps.
I wish you all a bright future 🙂

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