What are Freeze Float options : DTE MBA CAP Rounds 2019

Freeze Float Options


These are the TOP 2 words that confuse all the candidates in DTE CAP Rounds. The candidates don’t know which option to choose when a seat is allotted to them in CAP Round or not.

Don’t worry at all. This article will clear all doubts related to Freeze Float and candidates can use them to maximum benefit


What is Freeze?

If a candidate is allotted a seat in any CAP Round and chooses Freeze option then it means that he/she is happy with the allotted option. After confirmation of Freeze option from ARC, the candidate needs to visit the institute and secure admission.

*Once Freeze option is chosen then the candidate cannot participate in remaining CAP Rounds.

What is Float?

If a candidate is allotted a seat in CAP Round 1 and CAP Round 2 and chooses Float option then it means that he/she is looking for betterment i.e better college till CAP Round 3.

Example: If X is allotted a seat in D college then if he chooses Float option then he can participate in CAP Round 2 and CAP Round 3 for betterment.

If a candidate gets a better option in CAP Round 2 then again he/she can Float till CAP Round 3.

The seat allotted in CAP Round 3 remains final and cannot be reversed.

Additional CAP Round has nothing to do with Freeze or Float option chosen in CAP Round 3.

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