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Hello Uotians,

Today we are going to hack GD preparation completely. Group Discussion or GD is a very important aspect on which a student is evaluated. Most of the PGDM Colleges have a mandatory GD Round as a part of the selection process.


Are you going to apply for PGDM Course? Do you know How to Crack Group Discussion?

Is GD restricted to PGDM Admissions only? The answer is no. GD is a crucial process that is even employed during the placement process.


What is Group Discussion?

Group discussion is an interactive activity where different ideas and thoughts are shared. It is not a debate where one is trying to prove his/her point. GD is all about sharing ideas with your group members.


There are multiples activities given below that should help an individual to understand Group Dynamics.

Activity 1 – How to Initiate GD?

Let me share some tips to open


  1. If you have subject knowledge then open first without any issue because by doing this you will make group speak in direction of your content
  2. Opening statement should be descriptive. Describe the topic in less than a minute and open up the GD
  3. It is perfectly fine to speak in favour of or against the topic in the opening statement but that should be the last part of the opening statement
  1. Never open without having subject knowledge or if you are not enough confident or you will screw it up and lose points
  2. Be polite, stay calm and showcase your ideas in a proper manner


Activity 2 – How to tackle negative comments, criticism and counter question?

In a GD, there is possibility that you face harsh comment from group member. In other case your content would be criticized or under valued. In such situation, What can be done?


  1. Smile at that person and don’t react, control hand movements


  1. Don’t try to correct that person, instead push a counterpoint giving other solutions


“I think my Friend has different thought process which I definitely respect. Let’s talk on xyz aspect of abc topic”


3. Person countering you in the wrong manner loses marks + you now have the opportunity to score. Tackle this         situation with care or your slightest reaction will reflect that you are unstable under peer pressure


Activity 3- Apna Time Aayega

Imagine a situation where you don’t get any chance to speak in GD and panellist ask you to Conclude.

You have 1 minute to conclude the debate.
  1. Now you have the chance to prove your worth in front of panellists. Analyze the content discussed during GD and write down important ones on your page. This has to be done during GD in action mode
  2. Now analyze and mention those points along with your unique conclusion. Don’t use the word ‘In addition to’, the conclusion has to be unique and appealing from your end
  3. Kindly mention the maximum parameters on the basis of which that particular GD topic can be dealt with

Activity 4 – Kora Kagaz
Imagine a situation where you don’t understand the topic. No idea about what is the meaning of the topic.
What will be your strategy? How will you turn it into an advantage
The given topic is ‘BLUE’
When you don’t understand the Topic, the followings should be taken care of:
  1. Don’t start the GD
  2. Don’t ask for the meaning of the topic until someone speaks out. If the topic is not familiar and all the GD members are blank, then the batch gets disqualified or a new topic is allotted
  3. There is no particular pattern to apply in this case, if you initiate then your verdicts will decide the flow
  4. You can relate the topic to any parameter and throwing statistics will give you an edge
  5. Remember to discuss such topics in a broad sense because the panellists are well versed with common answers. Ex. Blue is colour of the sky, Blue is the name of Movie lead by Actor Akshay Kumar etc.
Don’t get surprised to see topics like Blue, Black, Food Porn, Golden Drop, Blind, Unconditional Loyalty etc.

Activity 5 – Jiye Toh Jiye Kaise
Imagine a situation where everyone is shouting to put forth their points, fish market situation.
Now you have to prove your worth. How will you handle this situation? This is going to happen. Probability 0.8
Fish Market situation has to be avoided at any cost. It can also lead to group disqualification.
  1. Before GD starts, try to normalize the stress level by talking with other students in the team
  2. By doing so, you are reflecting 0 ego aspect + gaining some space in their mind
  3. Get everyone to plan the gd and strategize to give everyone a chance to speak. ( This works, I have done several times)
  4. In a Fish marketing situation, never shout or try to calm anyone. There will be at least one person who is not a part of arguing people. So you got one person to speak, start a discussion with him/her.
  5. Getting involved in the fish market will lead to -ve marks
  6. The fish market situation is worst to get through but easy to earn points if you understand the dynamics of how people behave in a group.

Activity 6  – Bewafa Sanam
I had 4 friends from Nashik in my GD group for Chetana’s GD process(Group of 14 students)
Everyone wanted this to convert and yes, we 4 got through
Now you will also come across a situation where you have a friend in your GD group.
How will you turn this into an opportunity to get selected for sure?
Hint – Remember, the panel doesn’t know about your connections.
  1. In such case kindly check if your friend is supportive enough to handle GD mutually
  2. You get extra points when someone from group agrees to your point, considers your point, in conclusion, backs you up for any statement. So your friend and you should handle it mutually without dominating the GD.
  3. If he plays a double game during GD then you are gone so it’s better to go for settlement before GD. Friends turn into hardcore competitors during GD of admission, internship and placements


Everyone wants an extra edge, so be proactive

how to crack group discussion

how to crack group discussion

Parameters for Judgement

  • Subject Knowledge
  • Oral Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Team Management

Phases in a GD:

  • Introduction
  • The core/central group discussion
  • Summarization/Conclusion


What to do in a GD?

  • Speaking is important; do not sit silently. Speak freely
  • Do not monopolize the conversation or talk too much
  • Give everyone a chance to speak
  • Maintain eye contact with everyone in the group
  • Show active listening skills
  • Do not interrupt anyone while they are speaking
  • Keep the topic on track and don’t be irrelevant
  • Encourage someone who is silent to talk
  • Do not argue with anyone
  • Do not debate with anyone, while the group looks on
  • Do not repeat what has been said; be attentive; try to develop on ideas expressed or give out new ideas. Clarify your doubts and then proceed
  • Be brief
  • Do not commit grammatical errors while talking


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