SAAR Application – DTE MBA/MMS Admission 2019

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DTE has started pushing some updates about DTE MBA/MMS Admission Process 2019. The information is available on page –

DTE MBA MMS Admission 2019 SAAR Application 1

The webpage is not yet updated with complete information. So, it’s my request to all students that don’t panic by reading some unnecessary messages on different WhatsApp groups.

List of SETU Suvidha Kendra

SAAR website

Paytm donations@+918329074395 (Optional for the work we do)


SAAR Helpline No. – 020-67635999

40 MBA MMS Colleges in Maharashtra through MBA CET 2019

12th June 2019

Don’t panic about this update. We will have more information about it very soon


A. Students who approached Suvidha Kendra today were asked to wait till this week because the Course Broucher will be released soon and other information will be updated on the SAAR website.

saar mba mms
Zoom in for clarity


B. The students whose graduation background is not found in the graduation details section should not worry because the portal will be updated with that information very soon.


C. Still, there is no clarity on EWS and SEBC quota so kindly wait for official notification from CET Cell about how these aspects will be added in the process.


D. GAP certificate is required during the Admission process and not at Suvidha Kendra. One will need GAP certificate if there is an academic gap between your graduation and MBA/MMS that you are going to pursue. GAP certificate can be obtained from the nearest court or approach a lawyer, rest will be done by that person. It is an easy process and will cost around Rs. 200 or more. In case one has done a job in that gap period still, he/she will require this certificate


E. Kindly check the information given below on 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th June 2019 to understand the way we are progressing.

DTE MBA MMS Admission 2019 SAAR Application

11th June 2019

A. Students can do Online Registration and Upload required documents but if possible visit the Setu Suvidha Kendra from Monday i.e 17th June 2019 (As per information shared by students in the YouTube Live Session) As the dates are not yet declared by DTE, students can definitely wait and in case you still want to go for registration then do it at Suvidha Kendra because most of these centres are equipped with computers, scanners and staff that will help for doubts.


B. Students are requested to get the required documents as soon as possible. One can reach out to Seva Kendra and ask for a list of documents according to category.


C. For Caste Validity, kindly apply offline at Setu Karyalay(not Setu Seva Kendra) on basis of CET scorecard. (ask your parents, they will have an idea about this, place where you get your documents offline) – Only for Maharashtra category students.


D. Students finding problems with form submission or document upload process etc. are requested to notify Seva Kendra staff about this so that necessary steps can be taken from their side.

10th June 2019

A. All the students are requested to approach Suvidha Kendra for Online registration and Document Verification. If possible hold your registration for 3-4 days to get better clarity.

B. Carry 3 xerox sets of required documents. One Xerox set will be taken by the staff after they verify your original documents.

C. The pdf on the DTE dates is completely fake and kindly don’t rely on it.

Common doubts and the answers

A. Do I need to visit Suvidha Kendra if I have already uploaded documents?

Ans. Yes, you have to for the verification of original documents


B. I am getting an error in the form, not able to pay, not able to select graduation etc.?

Ans. For any query related to portal and form, kindly reach out to Suvidha Kendra staff or call helpline as they are authorised bodies to assist you in the process.


C. Is it mandatory to upload application form and hall ticket?

Ans. No


D. What is the last date for registration and doc verification?

Ans. The dates are not yet specified by DTE.

9th June 2019

Common doubts and the answers


A. I have filled UG instead of PG during sign up. What to do?

Ans. Go for new sign up process using different email id and keep Aadhar number field vacant.


B. I don’t have an application form to upload. What to do?

Ans. The application form is not mandatory so it’s fine if you don’t upload.


C. I don’t have CET scorecard, What should I upload in the field?

Ans. Take a screenshot of your result from MBA/MMS 2019 result PDF. Get it printed, scan it and upload the same. No individual scorecards are yet released by DTE.


D. How to apply via 2 or more exams from the same portal? Do I have to fill another form for the same?

Ans. You can apply through MBA CET, CAT, XAT, CMAT, GMAT, & MAT ATMA 2019, from the same portal.

Select the required exams from the drop-down list.



E. I don’t have Caste Validity but belong to a particular category. What to do?

Ans. Caste Validity certificate will be required for document verification. Kindly apply for it on the basis of CET result. (Only for Maharashtra students)


F. I have xx.yy%ile. Which college will I get?

Ans. Click here to check the Cut Off for different MBA/MMS colleges.


G. Will JBIMS accept all India seats this year?

Ans. We will know this after DTE releases the seat matrix of each institute.


H. I am Outside Maharashtra student, Do I need to visit the Suvidha Kendra(Facilitation Centre) for the process? Is there any alternative option? When should I visit etc.?

Ans. All OMS students have to come down to Maharashtra for document verification by choosing feasible Suvidha Kendra. Kindly wait for some dates until we have firm updates about the process then accordingly plan your trip.


I. When should I do online registration and document verification?

Ans. Kindly wait till Monday or Tuesday so that we all will have firm information about the form and process. Don’t worry, the process will have at least 10 to 15 days allotted so nothing to panic about.


J. What are the basic documents required for verification?

Click here to check the list of documents required

The link below will help you to understand the DTE MBA/MMS Admission Process for the year 2018. Please go through this link to understand the process in general. The new updates will be added accordingly.

DTE MBA/MMS Admission Process

8th June 2019

  1. Don’t fill the form till Monday 10th June 2019
  2. We will have enough days to do this complete process so nothing to panic
  3. Visit nearest Suvidha Kendra, talk to the staff and get more information about the process. Information about how the form filling has to be done, which documents are actually required and what to do in case of missing document etc.
  4. We all will wait till Monday evening for more updates and form information. After that, a proper video will be updated according to the right information received

Universe of Thoughts is there to help you out with all queries regarding SAAR Application – DTE MBA/MMS Admission 2019.

The meaning of SAAR – Setu Assisted Admission Registration. It seems that DTE has come up with a common platform for all types of admission in Maharashtra state.

Updates expected

  1. Timeline of Online Registration and Document Verification
  2. Form filling basic guide from DTE
  3. List of FC and ARC which might be replaced by SETU Suvidha Kendra this year (Don’t worry, if you are not able to understand some terms)

You must Know this

  1. There will be a student dashboard to fill up all the basic details
  2. The dashboard can be used to upload documents
  3. Sufficient time is provided to do online registration and document verification, so nothing to panic
  4. The centres mentioned will have dedicated staff to assist throughout the process

Kindly Share this page with other students so that unnecessary information is not circulated. We are dealing with DTE admission process for 3 years so can be trusted for the right information

All the Updates from DTE about DTE MBA/MMS Admission 2019 – SAAR Application will be added to this page and also on our Telegram channel.

Link of Telegram Channel


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  1. I’m applying for MMS. In the academic detail section, there is no option for selecting BscIT (or even plain BSc infact) as my Graduation degree. What should I do? The helpline is non-responsive.

  2. I applied for cast validity but i dont gey till now.
    the slip of cast validity is acceptable there…???

  3. mujhe mca and mba dono ke liye apply krna main ek hi account se kr sakta hu kya?
    please reply detail..

  4. My 8 sem result has been announced but marksheet wont be available till should i upload my 7 sem.marksheet or my 8sem online statement of marks. Im an oms candidate…kindly please reply chetan sir

  5. I Have Done BAF But selected BCom in The Form…so wht should i do? Also share me the documents article plz so that i can go through them properly…i dont know abt what documents to upload exactly…

  6. Last time the receipt of caste validity was acceptable as it has receipt number on it that says u have applied for it so last year they accepted it…dont know about this year…

  7. Yes, it will be accepted until the given deadline. We still don’t know the dates as of 13th June 2019

  8. List of documents is already linked in this article. Kindly stay in touch with Suvidha Kendra for form correction

  9. bro mai caste OBC ur maine form mai OBC choose kiya hai par mere pass Caste certificate, Non creamy layer certificate and caste validity nhi hai to maine No kar diya to muje konse konse documents lagege

  10. Hi chetan,
    1) I belong to SBC category. I don’t have Non creamy leayer certificate should I register DTE process without certificate OR should I wait OR I can complete my registration process and upload that certificate after few days.
    2) It is necessary to upload Non creamy leayer certificate.

  11. I am not getting upload option while uploading school and college documents.
    My documents are in pdf format and are less than 250kb.
    why am i not getting an upload option?

  12. Hi Chetan, I don’t have Non creamy leayer certificate should I register DTE process without certificate OR should I wait OR I can complete my registration process and upload that certificate after few days.

  13. You must get those documents in order to avail the category seat and fees waiver. If not, register through Open Category

  14. The normal list of documents other than category specific. Kindly make changes in the form accordingly and consult SSK

  15. Yes, you can but get it confirmed by calling any SSK to avoid further issues related to this

  16. hey bro
    i have uploaded all the documents and paid 42 rs , selected Setu centre as well
    Should i go to Setu centre now for document verification or should i wait for few days more ?

  17. hey bro
    i have done the registration process and uploaded the documents , selected setu centre as well .
    Should i visit the Setu centre for document verification now or should i wait for few more days ?

  18. I am applying for MMS. But, I am not getting Link to admission Portal. Also, I have done a BMM. In the Academic section, there is no such option mentioned. What is the last date for the admission.

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