DTE MBA CET 2019 – Frequently Asked Questions

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DTE MBA CET 2019 – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 – I have already prepared for CAT and other exams. So am I ready for CET exam?

Ans. Remember, A candidate scoring 99.99%ile in CAT will not necessarily score the same in CET exam. CET exam pattern is different + A lot depends on THE EXAM DAY

Q.2 – What is HU and OHU?

Ans. HU means Home University whereas OHU stands for Other than Home University. Example: If Andy has completed graduation from Mumbai University then it becomes his Home University. If he wants to take admission in Pune University MBA College then he will get it through OHU quota in Pune University.

Q.3 – I am category students, so do I get fees compensation in Minority Colleges?

Ans. No, there is no fees compensation in Minority Colleges. The candidate needs to pay full fees.

Q.4 – What are Institute Level Seats(ILS)? How do I get admission through it?

Ans. Most of the MBA Colleges have some seats reserved as Institute Level Seats. To know more about it, Click here

Q.5 – I am Outside Maharashtra State(OMS) Candidate so do I get scholarship or any other Fees compensation?

Ans. OMS candidates get admission through All India Quota seats and there is no Fees Compensation of any kind.

Q.6 – What documents I require for registration process?

Ans. Click here to view the documents required for all Categories.

Q.7 – What is FC and ARC?

Ans. FC(Facilitation Center) and ARC(Admission Reporting Center) are allotted in Maharashtra for Admission Related Process. FC is for Online Registration-related process + Document Verification. ARC is for submission of the College Option Form + CAP Round Process.

Q.8 – What is Freeze and Float Option?

Ans. Once the Seat Allotment is released by DTE, candidates are allotted a college as per merit. If the candidate is happy with the Allotted seat then he/she should choose FREEZE option and got to ARC to confirm the seat.

If the candidate wants to try for a better college in next CAP Round then he/she can choose FLOAT option. This ensures that the candidate doesn’t lose the seat already allotted when betterment doesn’t happen.

Q.9 – How many CAP Rounds take place?

Ans. There are 3 CAP Rounds. One addition round after CAP Round 3 is for Government/Government Aided Institutes only.

Q.10 – If I don’t submit documents (DTE Process) on time then what happens(Category Candidates)?

Ans. The category documents are very important, if a candidate fails to submit it then he/she will be treated as Open Category Candidate for further process.

Q.11 – PGDM students are given more preference over MMS/MBA students for placements in the same institute?

Ans. It is not true, institute hosting PGDM and MMS/MBA program has centralized admission process. No one is favoured.

Q.12 – Is there any cut off for PGDM Colleges? What is cut off for XYZ PGDM College?

Ans. Most of the PGDM institutes will not have Cut Off barrier. In order to check whether there is some specific cut off range , kindly call on the institute helpline and they should resolve this. Remember, your admission to PGDM colleges depends on Past academic record, Entrance score, GD-PI performance, Work experience, etc parameters.

Q.13 –

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