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1. What was the Goods and Services Tax (GST) collection in Feb 2019?

A) Rs 91,247 cr

B) Rs 93,247 cr

C) Rs 95,247 cr

D) Rs 97,247 cr

2. The govt infused Rs 5,042 cr into which of the following public sector banks ahead of the merger of two other public sector lenders with it?

A) State Bank of India

B) Allahabad Bank

C) Canara Bank

D) Bank of Baroda

Explanation : D, With Bank of Baroda the other 2 banks are Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank, with total assets of over Rs 14 Lakh crore( $ 190 billion), will be India’s third Largest lender behind SBI and HDFC.

3. The Four-member Committee of Administrators (COA) that runs BCCI is headed by

A) Vinod Rai

B) Ravi Thodge

C) Vikram Limaye

D) Ramachandra Guha

Explanation: COA headed by former Comptroller and Auditor General of India Vinod Rai to run and implement the court approved the recommendation of Justice R M Lodha panel on reforms in cash-rich cricket body.

4. Which among the following teams won the 2019 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament?

A) India

B) Malaysia

C) South Korea

D) Japan

Explanation : Champions – South Korea, Runners up – India, Third- Malaysia

5. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih recently said that former President Abdulla Yameen is the most tyrannical ruler in history. Solih is the present President of

A) Yemen

B) Maldives

C) Indonesia

D) Malaysia

6. _____ will issue equivalency to all Indian degrees that match the set criteria. It will give a huge relief for expats in getting jobs in the Gulf country.


B) Saudi Arabia

C) Qatar

D) Kuwait

7. President Ram Nath Kovind recently participated in a community reception at Santiago, the capital of

A) Peru

B) Colombia

C) Kenya

D) Chile

8. The govt has extended the last date to link Permanent Account Number (PAN) with Aadhaar number by six months till

A) 30 Jun 2019

B) 30 Jul 2019

C) 30 Aug 2019

D) 30 Sep 2019

Explanation: The previous deadline was 30th March 2019 which is now extended to 30th Sept 2019.

9. The World Autism Awareness Day is observed every year on which date?

A) 02 Apr

B) 12 Apr

C) 20 Apr

D) 22 Apr

10. Which of the following was the world’s biggest oil producer in 2018 as per the rating agency Fitch?


B) Total


D) Aramco

11. The new imperial era of which country, to begin on May 1 with Crown Prince Naruhito becoming emperor, will be called Reiwa?

A) Netherlands

B) Japan

C) Cambodia

D) Thailand

Explanation: The 31 years long Heisei imperial era of Emperor Akihito, ended on 31st April 2019. His son Naruhito’s imperial era called Reiwa will start from 1st May 2019.

12. Nirav Modi, the main accused in the $2-bn Punjab National Bank fraud case, was arrested in which of the following countries recently?

A) Jamaica

B) Peru

C) Chile


13. PS Jayakumar is the present MD and CEO of which of the following public sector banks?

A) Bank of Baroda

B) State Bank of India

C) Corporation Bank

D) Indian Overseas Bank

14. The govt has awarded the Geographical Indication (GI) tag for Coorg Arabica, Wayanad Robusta, Chikmagalur Arabica, Araku Valley Arabica and Bababudangiris Arabica. These are the varieties of

A) Tea

B) Rice

C) Coffee

D) Maize

15. The Union Cabinet has approved the creation of additional posts in the NCLAT. In the term NCLAT, letter ‘C’ stands for

A) Corporate

B) Copyright

C) Chartered

D) Company

Explanation: NCLAT – National Company Law Tribunal.

16. Who among the following won the ATP Miami Open 2019?

A) John Isner

B) Roger Federer

C) Dominic Thiem

D) Rafael Nadal

17. Abdelaziz Bouteflika has announced to resign before his mandate expires. He is the present President of

A) Bolivia

B) Eretria

C) Estonia

D) Algeria

Explanation: After weeks of protest against his 20-year rule which began after he announced plans in Feb to seek the fifth term. He then reversed that decision and resigned on 2nd April before the term expires on 28th April.

18. ISRO’s launch vehicle PSLV-C45 placed 28 foreign satellites and an intelligence satellite in their orbits recently. The primary satellite in the rocket was





19. Army Chief General Bipin Rawat went on a four-day tour to which country recently to discuss issues of mutual interest in military cooperation?


B) Russia

C) China

D) Japan

20. India and Chile have agreed to work together to strengthen the global response to defeat and destroy terrorism. The currency of Chile is

A) Krona

B) Sol

C) Peso

D) Pound

21. Which of the following electronic mail services completed 15 years in service on 1 Apr 2019?

A) Gmail

B) Zoho Mail


D) Yahoo! Mail

Explanation: The public history of Gmail dates back to 1st April 2004.

22. Which of the following has become the second largest state-owned lender after merging Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank into itself?

A) State Bank of India

B) Corporation Bank

C) Bank of Baroda

D) HDFC Bank

23. The goods and services tax (GST) collections for Mar 2019 hit a record high of A) Rs 1.02 lakh-cr

B) Rs 1.06 lakh-cr

C) Rs 1.09 lakh-cr

D) Rs 1.13 lakh-cr

24. India finished their campaign at the Asian Wrestling Championships in Xi’an, China recently winning

A) 14 medals

B) 16 medals

C) 18 medals

D) 23 medals

25. Which of the following countries recently approved the sale of 24 MH 60 Romeo Seahawk helicopters to India?

A) Norway

B) Sweden

C) France


Explanation: 24 MH 60 Romeo Seahawk helicopter is a twin turboshaft engine, multi-mission US navy helicopter, buying at 2.6 million USD.

26. The world’s first and only malaria vaccine was launched in which of the following African countries recently?

A) Chad

B) Nigeria

C) Malawi

D) Kenya

Explanation: RTS, S has recently developed a recombinant vaccine, having P. falciparum circumsporozoite protein.

27. The growth in global trade volumes is likely to slow down to 2.6 percent in 2019 as per the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The present Director-General of WTO is

A) David Malpass

B) Jim Yong Kim

C) Tedros Adhanom

D) Roberto Azevedo

28. _______ recently announced that it is targeting to double the proportion of women working on its shop floor to 10 percent of the total workforce by 2025.


B) Infosys

C) Tata Steel

D) Wipro

29. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), India is set to grow at what percent in the current fiscal on strengthening consumption?

A) 7 percent

B) 7.2 percent

C) 7.4 percent

D) 7.5 percent

30. Amitabh Chaudhry is the present chief executive officer of which of the following private sector banks?

A) Federal Bank

B) IndusInd Bank

C) Axis Bank

D) IDBI Bank

31. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Pakistan’s economic growth is set to slump further to ____ in the fiscal year 2019.

A) 3.6 percent

B) 3.9 percent

C) 4.2 percent

D) 4.5 percent

32. Pakistan could be blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) soon. The FATF is an intergovernmental organization based in

A) Rome

B) Geneva

C) Perth

D) Paris

33. In Mozambique, a vaccination campaign has been launched after Cyclone Idai battered the nation. The capital of Mozambique is

A) Baku

B) Manama

C) Nassau

D) Maputo

Explanation: Intense tropical cyclone was one of the deadliest cyclones, leaving more than 1000 fatalities and thousands more missing. Has caused damage of more than $ 2 million. It caused damage to Mozambique, Malawi, Madagascar, Zimbabwe. Leading to the cholera outbreak, with the help of UNICEF after which an emergency Cholera Immunization campaign started.

34. Which country recently introduced harsh new sharia laws that make adultery and homosexuality punishable? Bandar Seri Begawan is its capital.

A) Indonesia

B) Malaysia

C) Brunei

D) Libya

Explanation: This Controversial law faced lots of criticism, but got implemented on 3rd April. The Country says it is aimed to prevent rather than to punish.

35. President Ram Nath Kovind returned from a three-nation visit to Croatia, _______ and Chile recently.

A) Bolivia

B) Peru

C) Paraguay

D) Brazil

36. Which of the following has immerged as the top university on the National Institutional Framework India Rankings 2019?




D) IIT Madras

37. ______ launched the world’s first fully-fledged 5G mobile networks recently.

A) China


C) Germany

D) South Korea

38. Which of the following books has been authored by the former Reserve Bank Governor Y. V. Reddy?

A) Fault Lines

B) I Do What I Do

C) Indian Fiscal Federalism

D) The Squam Lake Report

39. Who among the following is the present Managing Director & CEO of the IDBI Bank?

The RBI has categorized it as a private sector bank for regulatory purposes.

A) KP Nair

B) Rakesh Sharma

C) GM Yadwadkar

D) Sudhir Shyam

40. The International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action is observed every year on which date?

A) 04 Apr

B) 14 Apr

C) 24 Apr

D) 28 Apr

41. The rating agency Fitch has forecasted a growth of _____ in the fiscal year ending Mar 2020 (FY20) for India.

A) 6.6 percent

B) 6.8 percent

C) 7 percent

D) 7.2 percent

42. The RBI, on 4 Apr, cut the repurchase rate by 25 basis points. Now, the reverse repo rate stands adjusted at

A) 6.50 percent

B) 6.25 percent

C) 6 percent

D) 5.75 percent

Explanation: Reverse repo rate is the rate at which the RBI borrows money from commercial banks of the country.

43. In a bid to further improve the cash position of banks, RBI has tweaked LCR norms. Here, the term LCR means

A) Liability Coverage Ratio

B) Liquidity Cushion Ratio

C) Liability Convergence Ratio

D) Liquidity Coverage Ratio

44. _______ has conferred the prestigious Zayed Medal on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the highest decoration awarded to kings, presidents, and heads of states.

A) Iran

B) Iraq


D) Qatar

45. Current MSF rate is

A) 6.25 percent

B) 6.50 percent

C) 6.75 percent

D) 7 percent

Explanation: The marginal standing facility (MSF) is a window for banks to borrow from the RBI in an emergency situation when inter-bank liquidity dries up completely.

46. The Indian Army recently built the longest suspension bridge (260-feet long) over Indus river in

A) Shimla

B) Srinagar

C) Ladakh

D) Poonch

47. _____, in Apr 2018, became the first city in the country to leapfrog from Euro-IV grade petrol and diesel to Euro-VI grade fuels.

A) Mumbai

B) Bengaluru

C) Chennai

D) New Delhi

Explanation: Euro grades are the different grades for exhaust pollution limits since 1990 known as euro emissions standard for new car models before it can be put on sale.

Euro I – 1992

Euro II- 1996

Euro III – 2000

Euro IV – 2005

Euro V – 2009

Euro VI ( latest) – 2014

48. Which political party has announced to implement a minimum income scheme called Nyuntam Aay Yojna (Nyay)?


B) Congress



49. India has decided to set up the India-Africa Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development (IAIARD) in

A) Mozambique

B) Zimbabwe

C) Botswana

D) Malawi

50. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev was sworn in as the new President of which of the following countries recently?

A) Kazakhstan

B) Tajikistan

C) Turkmenistan

D) Uzbekistan

51. Who among the following won the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) men’s player of the year award for the 2018-19 season?

A) Virgil van Dijk

B) Raheem Sterling

C) Sadio Mane

D) Roberto Firmino

52. The IT industry body Nasscom has appointed who among the following as its Chairman for 2019-20?

A) UB Pravin Rao

B) Debjani Ghosh

C) Salil Parekh

D) Keshav Murugesh

53. Which of the following private sector lenders has announced its merger with mortgage financier Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd in an all-stock deal?

A) Lakshmi Vilas Bank

B) IndusInd Bank

C) Federal Bank

D) Dhanlaxmi Bank

54. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) recently appointed who among the following as the president for 2019-20?

A) TV Narendran

B) Uday Kotak

C) Rakesh Bharti Mittal

D) Vikram Kirloskar

55. Hayabusa 2 spacecraft recently released an explosive onto an asteroid to make a crater on its surface and collect underground samples. This space probe is launched by

A) South Korea


C) Japan

D) China

56. Who among the following has been selected as the new President of the World Bank?

A) Jerome Powell

B) Mario Draghi

C) Ben Bernanke

D) David Malpass

Explanation : He is the 13th President of WB and will serve a five-year term.

57. Which country recently declared a state of national disaster over the massive blaze that engulfed five cities and counties along the northeastern coast?

A) North Korea

B) South Korea

C) Japan

D) Cambodia

58. ______ plans to sell 25.05 percent equity stake to Star Union Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company (SUD Life).

A) Indian Bank

B) Bank of Baroda

C) Corporation Bank

D) Bank of India

59. Term ELSS stands for

A) Equity Linked Share Scheme

B) Equity Linked Stock Scheme

C) Equity Linked Savings Scheme

D) None of these

Explanation: An ELSS scheme invests in equity mutual funds and also gives you tax benefits.

60. India recently achieved a historic feat by shooting down its own low-orbit satellite with a ground-to-space missile. All the following have such capabilities excluding

A) Japan


C) Russia

D) None of these

61. Phayeng village has become India’s first carbon-positive settlement, a village which sequesters more carbon than it emits. It is situated in

A) Manipur

B) Tripura

C) Sikkim

D) Assam

62. ______ has secured the approval of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) to acquire a controlling stake (up to 66.15 percent) in Mindtree.

A) Infosys

B) Wipro


D) L&T

63. The present AIFF President has become the first Indian to be elected as a FIFA Council member. The present AIFF President is

A) IM Vijayan

B) Bhaichung Bhutia

C) Praful Patel

D) Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

Explanation: All India Football Federation ( AIFF ).

64. The 7th Foreign Office consultations between India and Italy were held in New Delhi recently. The currency of Italy is

A) Krona

B) Peso

C) Rand

D) Euro

65. Bajrang Punia is set to become the first Indian _____ to fight at New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden.

A) boxer

B) archer


C) shooter

D) wrestler

66. Karnataka Bank has entered into an MoU with Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company to distribute the latter’s life insurance products. Karnataka Bank is a

A) Payments Bank

B) Small Finance Bank

C) Public Sector Bank

D) Private Sector Bank

67. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has given approval to Paytm Money to start offering broking services. The present Chairman of SEBI is

A) TS Vijayan

B) Ajay Tyagi

C) Yogesh Agarwal

D) Subhash Chandra Khuntia

68. CS Rajan has been appointed as the new Managing Director of which of the following institutions?

A) UTI Mutual Fund




69. ______ won the outstanding achievement as a player award at the fourth edition of the annual India Golf Industry Association (GIA) awards.

A) Udayan Mane

B) Chikkarangappa

C) Anirban Lahiri

D) Gaganjeet Bhullar

70. The National Maritime Day is observed every year on which date?

A) 05 Apr

B) 10 Apr

C) 15 Apr

D) 25 Apr

71. The 75th anniversary of the Battle of Kohima was observed by the Nagaland govt recently. The Battle of Kohima was fought in three stages during the Second World War in

A) 1941

B) 1942

C) 1943

D) 1944

72. Who among the following won the 2019 Malaysia Open badminton recently?

A) Chen Long

B) Lin Dan

C) Viktor Axelsen

D) Xie Xingfang

73. India recently evacuated its entire contingent of 15 CRPF personnel from Libya after the situation suddenly worsened there. The capital of Libya is

A) Tripoli

B) Rabat

C) Bamako

D) Accra

74. The award for the ‘Sportsperson of the year – Male’ went to Neeraj Chopra at the recent ESPN India MultiSport Awards. Neeraj is associated with which game?

A) Shooting

B) Archery

C) Discuss throw

D) Javelin throw

75. The first-ever global coalition on clean and efficient cooling was launched at a global conference held recently in

A) Helsinki

B) Olso

C) Copenhagen

D) Stockholm

76. The US House of Representatives recently voted to end US involvement in which country?

A) Syria

B) Libya

C) Afghanistan

D) Yemen

Explanation :

77. China is all set to host the second Belt and Road Forum. The first BRI Forum was held in which year?

A) 2014

B) 2015

C) 2016

D) 2017

78. The World Health Day is observed every year on which date?

A) 07 Apr

B) 17 Apr

C) 27 Apr

D) 29 Apr

79. Gudhi Padwa is a festival that marks the beginning of the New Year. It is celebrated primarily in

1) Maharashtra

2) Gujarat

3) Uttarakhand

4) Jharkhand

80. ________ has received an “in-flight and maritime connectivity” (IFMC) license from the department of telecommunications (DoT).

A) Reliance Jio

B) Vodafone

C) Bharti Airtel


81. Rana won the title of the ‘Coach of the Year’ at the recent ESPN India Multi-Sport Awards. Jaspal coaches

A) badminton

B) tennis

C) boxing

D) shooting

82. The RBI has come out with guidelines for banks to set up new currency chests. The new chests should have a processing capacity of ______ pieces of banknotes per day.

A) 2.8 lakh

B) 3 lakh

C) 4.2 lakh

D) 6.6 lakh

83. Which of the following countries recently announced to withdraw its support for a United Nations treaty regulating global conventional arms trade?

A) China


C) Japan

D) South Korea

Explanation: Known as ATT, was to regulate the arms globally. It was expected that the US will withdraw as it acted as the threat to Second Amendment rights and will harm the US’s gun owners.

84. The US recently designated the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) of which of the following countries as a foreign terrorist organization?

A) Iran

B) Syria

C) Yemen

D) Qatar

85. India’s first indigenously designed and developed artillery gun was inducted in the Indian Army recently. The 155mm/45 caliber towed gun is named

A) Tarkas

B) Tudir

C) Dhanush

D) Prahar

86. Jack Dorsey is the present chief executive officer (CEO) of which of the following firms?

A) Facebook

B) Yahoo!

C) Twitter

D) Instagram

87. GRSE is based in

A) Mumbai

B) Chennai

C) Vishakhapatnam

D) Kolkata

Explanation: The Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited (GRSE) has bagged a Rs 6,311-cr contract to build eight anti-submarine warfare crafts for the Indian Navy.

88. The recently released book ‘Gopalganj To Raisina, My Political Journey’ is the autobiography of

A) Lalu Prasad Yadav

B) Nitish Kumar

C) Ram Vilas Paswan

D) Sushil Kumar Modi

89. The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace is observed every year on which date?

A) 03 Apr

B) 06 Apr

C) 16 Apr

D) 26 Apr

90. Who among the following won the women’s singles title of 2019 Malaysia Open Badminton tournament?

A) Tai Tzu-Ying

B) Li Xuerui

C) Carolina Marin

D) Saina Nehwal

91. According to data released by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, recently, what was India’s ranking as the biggest military spender in 2018?

A) Second

B) Third

C) Fourth

D) Fifth

92. Who among the following won the ‘Comeback of the Year’ award at the recent ESPN India Multi-Sport Awards?

A) Sania Mirza

B) Sakshi Malik

C) Vijender Singh

D) Saina Nehwal

93. The World Economic Forum (WEF) on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) 2019 was held recently in

A) Qatar

B) Bahrain

C) Jordan


94. _____ has become the first city in the world to implement a special Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) that charges an entry fee from vehicles that do not meet the emission standards.

A) London

B) Paris

C) New York

D) Stockholm

95. The BSE has signed an MoU with HDFC Bank with an objective to strengthen the BSE Startups platform. The present MD & CEO of BSE is

A) Milind Barve

B) Ajay Tyagi

C) Vikram Limaye

D) Ashish Chauhan

96. Vikramjit Sahney has been elected as the new president of which of the following organizations?

A) International Chamber of Commerce




97. Google launched its first drone delivery service in which country recently?

A) Canada


C) Russia

D) Australia

98. At the time of the merger of Dena Bank with Bank of Baroda, the shareholders of Dena Bank got how many equity shares of BoB for every 1,000 shares.

A) 80

B) 90

C) 100

D) 110

99. Habib Bank is based in which country? It is a multinational bank and the largest bank by assets in that country.

A) Afghanistan

B) Bangladesh

C) Maldives

D) Pakistan

100. Tech giant Apple has launched a new credit card called the Apple Card. The company has partnered with Master card and ______ for payment handling and processing.

A) US Bank

B) Citibank

C) JP Morgan Chase

D) Goldman Sachs



101. The govt has retained the interest rate for General Provident Fund (GPF), Contributory Provident Fund and other related schemes for the first quarter of FY20 at

A) 7.8 percent

B) 8 percent

C) 8.1 percent

D) 8.2 percent

Explanation: GPF is the provident fund accounts provided to a government employee. They can contribute to the fund by contributing the part of there salary.

102. Which of the following cyclones recently ripped into African nations of Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi killing more than 1000 people?

A) Sagar

B) Bonita

C) Favio

D) Idai

103. Which firm recently launched Anthos, a new open cloud platform, that lets users run applications from anywhere?

A) Google


C) Microsoft

D) Oracle

Explanation: This was launched in Cloud Next Conference, an enterprise hybrid, and multi-cloud platform. Different from other public cloud services, it’s not just a product but an umbrella brand for multiple services aligned with the themes of application modernization, cloud migration, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud management. This marks Google’s Official entry into the enterprise data center.

104. The pension regulator PFRDA will soon frame guidelines to bring clarity on the FDI policy in the pension sector. The present Chairman of the PFRDA is

A) Subhash Chandra Khuntia

B) Rajiv Sabharwal

C) Deepak Parekh

D) Hemant Contractor

105. The Delhi High Court recently asked the RBI to explain how ______ was operating its payment services in the country without taking any approvals or license.

A) Jio Money

B) Airtel Money

C) Google Pay

D) PhonePe

106. According to data released by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (Amfi), which of the following has claimed the top spot with an average AUM of Rs 3.42 tn?

A) Sundaram AMC


C) ICICI Prudential AMC


107. Virat Kohli has been named Wisden’s Leading Men Cricketer of the year 2018. Who has been named the Leading Women Cricketer of the year 2018?

A) Poonam Yadav

B) Smriti Mandhana

C) Veda Krishnamurthy

D) Mithali Raj

108. Karnam Sekar has been appointed as the new MD and CEO of which of the following public sector banks?

A) Indian Overseas Bank

B) Oriental Bank of Commerce

C) Indian Bank

D) Bank of India

109. Murali Ramaswami has been appointed as the new Executive Director in which of the following banks?

A) State Bank of India

B) Canara Bank

C) Bank of Baroda

D) Syndicate Bank

110. _______ won the award for ‘Team of the year’ at the recent ESPN India Multi-Sport Awards.

A) Women’s tennis team

B) Women’s badminton team

C) Women’s hockey team

D) Women’s table tennis team

111. RA Sankara Narayanan has been appointed as the new MD & CEO of which of the following public sector banks?

A) Canara Bank

B) Bank of India

C) Indian Bank

D) Allahabad Bank

112. The army ousted and arrested President Omar al-Bashir in which of the following countries recently?

A) Nigeria

B) Sudan

C) Ghana

D) Chad

113. The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested recently in London. He has been living for seven years in London in the embassy of

A) Chile

B) Peru

C) Colombia

D) Ecuador

Explanation: Assange started WikiLeaks in 2006 with the stated goal of publishing information that the powerful were trying to keep secret. The group had its greatest successes in obtaining and posting US military, national security, and foreign policy documents. Assange was a harsh critic of what he deemed the US’s imperialist ambitions. He dogged the US govt with a series of leaks over a decade such as war documents and CIA hacking materials.With an outstanding arrest warrant in the UK and fearing reprisal from the US, he had taken refuge in Ecuador’s London embassy for the last seven years.

114. _____ will be the Guest of Honour country at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, ADIBF 2019, as announced by the UAE.

A) Pakistan


C) China

D) India

115. _______ has been appointed as the V-C of Jamia Millia Islamia. She is the first woman to be appointed to the Vice Chancellor’s post at Jamia.

A) Shazia Ilmi

B) Asifa Quraishi

C) Najma Akhtar

D) Najma Heptulla

116. _______ is the partner country for the 25th edition of the CII-DST Tech Summit scheduled to be held in New Delhi in Oct 2019.

A) Netherlands

B) Sweden

C) Denmark

D) Finland

117. The spacecraft named ‘Beresheet’ crashed onto the moon recently after a series of technical failures during its final descent. The spacecraft was launched by


B) Russia

C) Japan

D) Israel

118. The 2019 Spring Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank Group was held during the week of Apr 8-14 in

A) Geneva

B) Bali

C) Lima

D) Washington DC

119. Rashid Khan bagged the ‘Leading T20 Cricketer of the Year’ award from Wisden recently. He plays for

A) Pakistan

B) Bangladesh

C) Afghanistan

D) South Africa

120. Etihad has become the first major airline to fly plastic-free. The airline is based in

A) Saudi Arabia

B) Qatar


D) Kuwait

121. Sanjiv Sharma has been appointed as the new Vice Chancellor of

A) Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Motihari

B) Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

C) Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

D) Nalanda University, Nalanda

122. Rajesh Kumar Yaduvanshi has been appointed as the Executive Director at

A) State Bank of India

B) Corporation Bank

C) Bank of India

D) Punjab National Bank

123. Which country awarded its highest state honor ‘Order of St Andrew the Apostle’ to PM Narendra Modi recently?

A) France

B) Germany

C) Russia

D) Sweden

124. Rama Sengupta Paul passed away recently. She was a veteran

A) mountaineer

B) cyclist

C) classical dancer

D) classical singer

125. The growth in the industrial sector, as represented by Indices of Industrial Production (IIP), slowed down to what percent in Feb 2019?

A) 0.1 per cent

B) 0.3 per cent

C) 0.5 per cent

D) 0.9 per cent

126. The rate or retail inflation, as presented by Consumer Price Index (CPI), remained at what percent in Mar 2019?

A) 1.86 percent

B) 2.26 percent

C) 2.86 percent

D) 3.86 percent

127. The UN Security Council recently voted unanimously to completely end its peacekeeping operations in

A) Haiti

B) Myanmar

C) Thailand

D) Sudan

128. The UN has awarded ‘Kanyashree Prakalpa’ scheme of which state govt with its highest Public Service Award

A) Haryana

B) Bihar

C) Madhya Pradesh

D) West Bengal

Explanation: The scheme is aimed at promoting girls’ education.

129. India’s population grew at an average annual rate of what percent between 2010 and 2019 to 1.36 bn, according to a report by the United Nations Population Fund?

A) 1.1 percent

B) 1.2 percent

C) 1.3 percent

D) 1.4 percent

130. Alice G Vaidyan is the present Chairman and Managing Director of

A) LIC of India




Explanation: She has been awarded the ‘Freedom of the City of London’ in recognition of her work to promote insurance ties between India and the UK.

131. Chandka Elephant Sanctuary is a wildlife reserve located in which state? Nearly after four decades, bamboo rice showed up here recently.

A) Jharkhand

B) West Bengal

C) Odisha

D) Telangana

132. The stock market of ______ recently overtook Japan to be the world’s third largest in value.

A) China

B) South Korea

C) India

D) Hong Kong

133. The DoT recently approved the merger of Tata Teleservices’ consumer mobility business with

A) Jio Infocom

B) Reliance Communications

C) Vodafone Idea

D) Bharti Airtel

134. K Siva Reddy has been chosen for the prestigious Saraswati Samman, 2018, for his collection of poems titled Pakkaki Ottigilite (Turning Aside While Lying Down). He is a

A) Tamil Poet

B) Telugu poet

C) Kannada Poet

D) Malayalam poet

135. The ‘Sabooj Sathi’ scheme, aimed at distributing bicycles to students of class IX and XII studying in govt schools, has won the prestigious World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) award of the UN. The scheme is being run in

A) Bihar

B) Uttar Pradesh

C) West Bengal

D) Odisha

136. Jean-Michel Lapin has become the new Prime Minister of which of the following countries?

A) Nigeria

B) Chad

C) Rwanda

D) Haiti

137. The Rajouri Day is celebrated on which date every year to pay homage to the brave martyrs who laid down their lives for the liberation of Rajouri from the Pakistani infiltrators?

A) 01 Apr

B) 03 Apr

C) 13 Apr

D) 23 Apr

138. A new species of ancient human, Homo luzonensis, was discovered in which of the following countries recently?

A) Philippines

B) Thailand

C) Vietnam

D) Cambodia

139. Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo have won 2019 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano Press Freedom Prize. Both of them are associated with


B) Reuters


D) Fox News

140. The International Day of Human Space Flight is observed every year on which date?

A) 01 Apr

B) 02 Apr

C) 12 Apr

D) 22 Apr

141. Who among the following won the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix F1 championship?

A) Sebastian Vettel

B) Valtteri Bottas

C) Lewis Hamilton

D) Kimi Raikkonen

142. Gelete Burka (women’s race) and Abrha Milaw (men’s race) won the 43rd edition of the Paris Marathon recently. Both of them belong to

A) Guatemala

B) Honduras

C) Belize

D) Ethiopia

143. Meena Kumari Maisnam is associated with which of the following games? She won the gold medal in Cologne, Germany recently.

A) Boxing

B) Shooting

C) Archery

D) Wushu

144. India will build a cancer hospital in Kenya in collaboration with Japan and will partner with the UAE to set up an information and communications technology (ICT) center in

A) Chad

B) Ghana

C) Nigeria

D) Ethiopia

145. ______ is set to host the world’s foremost Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit ‘AI Everything’ to empower global dialogue on the future of govt, business, and society.

A) India


C) Saudi Arabia

D) Mauritius

146. Bhutan will soon ratify Bangladesh-Bhutan-India-Nepal (BBIN) initiative for road and rail connectivity. Who is the present Prime Minister of Bhutan?

A) Jai Bir Rai

B) Dorji Tshering

C) Namgay Tshering

D) Lotay Tshering

147. The SFIO arrested Ramesh C Bawa, Ex-MD and CEO of IL&FS Financial Services Ltd. Here, the term SFIO means

A) Serial Fraud Investigation Office

B) Securities Fraud Investigation Office

C) Serious Fraud Investigation Office

D) None of these

148. The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based inflation remained at what percent in Mar 2019?

A) 2.91 percent

B) 3.04 percent

C) 3.10 percent

D) 3.18 percent

Explanation: Wholesale Price Index is an index that measures and tracks the changes in the price of goods in stages before the retail level – that is goods that are sold in bulk and traded between entities or businesses instead of consumers.

149. Which of the following projects of West Bengal, which aims at creating a pool of skilled candidates, won the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) awards under the aegis of the UN recently?

A) Sabooj Sathi

B) Utkarsh Bangla

C) Khushi Scheme

D) Utthan Scheme

150. The prestigious Saraswati Samman, the highest recognition in the field of Indian literature, is awarded by

A) KK Birla Foundation

B) Tata Sons

C) Govt of India

D) Madhya Pradesh govt

151. The govt has made it mandatory for all medical devices to get CDSCO certification. In the term CDSCO, letter ‘S’ stands for

A) Standard

B) System

C) Schedule

D) Supply

152. As per the data published by the Union Commerce Ministry, the trade deficit of India with China narrowed by $10 bn in 2018-19 to

A) $60 bn

B) $59.3 bn

C) $57.4 bn

D) $53 bn

153. Prajnesh Gunneswaran is associated with which of the following games? He rose to a career-high ranking of 80 recently.

A) Badminton

B) Squash

C) Tennis

D) Table tennis

154. India announced their 15-man squad for the ICC World Cup recently. Who among the following is NOT part of the team announced?

A) Vijay Shankar

B) Rishabh Pant

C) Dinesh Karthik

D) Yuzvendra Chahal

155. The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised alarm over a 300 percent increase in the case of _____ globally in the first quarter of 2019 compared with 2018.

A) tuberculosis


C) cancer

D) measles

156. The ICC World Cup cricket tournament is scheduled to be played in which country from 30 May?

A) England

B) South Africa

C) New Zealand

D) Australia

157. The exports of goods in 2018-19 registered a 9.06 percent growth to hit a new high of

A) $231 bn

B) $283 bn

C) $331 bn

D) $376 bn

158. A massive fire gutted Notre-Dame Cathedral situated in which city recently? It is one of the landmarks of the city.

A) London

B) New York

C) Berlin

D) Paris

159. The govt recently asked Google and Apple to take down which of the following mobile applications from their app stores after the Supreme Court refused to stay an earlier order by the Madras High Court to ban the app?

A) Whatsapp

B) Facebook

C) Duo

D) TikTok

Explanation: This order came after the petition registered against the app to break the terms of use and community guidelines. Not only in India but also in the US, the UK, Hongkong and Indonesia for the content that is often dangerously close exposing to nudity and possibly those groom underage users into committing explicit acts.

160. India’s trade deficit in 2018-19 increased to

A) $162.05 bn

B) $176.42 bn

C) $182.21 bn

D) $186.12 bn

161. The 2019 SCO Summit will be held in Bishkek in Jun. Bishkek is the capital city of

A) Kyrgyzstan

B) Kazakhstan

C) Turkmenistan

D) Uzbekistan

162. A total of 150 Indian peacekeepers serving with the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) have received medals of honor. The capital city of South Sudan is

A) Baku

B) Manama

C) Yerevan

D) Juba

163. The European Union recently condemned a decision by the US to open the way for lawsuits in American courts over property confiscated by

A) Venezuela

B) Cambodia

C) Syria

D) Cuba

164. ______ has been named as the goodwill ambassador of the Indian team for the Street Child Cricket World Cup.

A) Jhulan Goswami

B) Virat Kohli

C) Mithali Raj

D) Smriti Mandhana

165. The researchers at _______ recently “printed” the world’s first three dimensional (3D) vascularised engineered heart using a patient’s own cells and biological materials.

A) University College London

B) Tel Aviv University

C) University of California

D) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

166. ______ has launched the country’s first ‘Green Car Loan’ (Electric Vehicle) to encourage customers to buy electric vehicles.




D) HDFC Bank

167. Which of the following private sector banks recently launched paperless account opening facility for NRIs?

A) IndusInd Bank

B) Bandhan Bank

C) IDFC First Bank

D) IDBI Bank

168. _______ has received approval from the Competition Commission of India (CCI) for the proposed scheme of amalgamation of Gruh Finance with the bank.

A) Bandhan Bank

B) IDBI Bank

C) Axis Bank

D) Kotak Mahindra Bank

169. Harsheel Dani is associated with which of the following games? He clinched the Dutch International title recently.

A) Tennis

B) Squash

C) Snooker

D) Badminton

170. The 2019 G-20 Summit is scheduled to be held in Jun in

A) Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

B) Jakarta (Indonesia)

C) Osaka (Japan)

D) New Delhi (India)

171. The Indian banks clocked what percent year-on-year credit growth in FY2019?

A) 13.23 percent

B) 12.22 percent

C) 11.21 percent

D) 10.20 percent

172. The Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) has launched a 5G Use Cases Lab for banking and financial sector. The IDRBT is an arm of



C) Federal Reserve


173. Kento Momota won men’s singles title of the 2019 Singapore Open badminton tournament. The winner of the women’s singles title was

A) Kong Hee-Yong

B) Nozomi Okuhara

C) Wakana Nagahara

D) Taipei Tai Tzu-Ying

174. The Pulitzer Prize is given for achievements in newspaper, magazine and online journalism, literature, and musical composition in the US. It is awarded by

A) US Govt

B) Harvard University

C) Columbia University

D) Stanford University

175. Which country has developed the world’s first armed amphibious drone boat?


B) Russia

C) Japan

D) China

176. Bihu is one of the most important festivals celebrated in the state of

A) Jharkhand

B) Assam

C) Chhattisgarh

D) Odisha

177. India’s first interactive exotic bird park, at the EsselWorld Bird Park, was inaugurated in which of the following cities recently?

A) Noida

B) Gurugram

C) Bengaluru

D) Mumbai

178. The Padma-Shri awardee Dr. SK Shivakumar passed away recently. He was a renowned

A) environmentalist

B) musician

C) space scientist

D) biologist

179. The International Day for Monuments and Sites is observed every year on which date?

A) 01 Apr

B) 08 Apr

C) 18 Apr

D) 28 Apr

180. Which country will host G20 summit in 2020?

A) Argentina

B) South Korea

C) Canada

D) Saudi Arabia

181. Three Indians have made it to the Time 100 Influential People of the year 2019 list. One of them is Mukesh Ambani and the other two Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju are by profession

A) Singers

B) Industrialists

C) Lawyers

D) Scientists

182. The finance ministry is looking at innovative Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) model for the sale of land assets of CPSEs. REITs are regulated by





183. ______ has been awarded the prestigious Celent Model Bank 2019 Award in the category of Financial Inclusion, for ‘Redesigning Lending to Reach Small Businesses’?

A) AU Small Finance Bank

B) Equitas Small Finance Bank

C) Jana Small Finance Bank

D) Fincare Small Finance Bank

184. Nepal launched its first satellite NepaliSat-1 into space recently. The satellite was launched with the help of

A) China

B) Russia

C) India


185. The 4th Resilient Cities Asia-Pacific 2019 Congress was organized by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) recently in

A) Mumbai

B) New Delhi

C) Chennai

D) Bengaluru

186. ETMONEY has become India’s first comprehensive financial services app to integrate UPI. Here, the term UPI means

A) Unique Payment Interface

B) Unified Payment Interface

C) Universal Payment Interface

D) None of these

187. Who among the following was/were honored with the prestigious Master Deenanath Mangeshkar Award recently?

A) Helen

B) Salim Khan

C) Madhur Bhandarkar

D) All the above

188. Bajrang Punia is associated with which of the following games? He regained the world number one spot in the game recently.

A) Boxing

B) Shooting

C) Weightlifting

D) Wrestling

189. Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga resigned recently in which of the following countries?

A) Niger

B) Chad

C) Burkina Faso

D) Mali

190. ________ has appointed Kaushik Shaparia as the chief executive officer for India to succeed Ravneet Gill.

A) CITI Bank

B) Deutsche Bank

C) Standard Chartered

D) Barclays 5) HSBC Bank

191. Which country launched its first satellite ‘Raavana-1’ into space recently?

A) Sri Lanka

B) Maldives

C) Mauritius

D) Myanmar

192. ________ is the first Indian woman scientist to be elected as the Royal Society Fellow in 360 years.

A) Anuradha TK

B) Bina Agarwal

C) Indra Nooyi

D) Gagandeep Kang

193. What is India’s ranking on the World Press Freedom Index 2019?

A) 155th

B) 149th

C) 140th

D) 135th

194. The World Press Freedom Index 2019 is topped by

A) Norway

B) Netherlands

C) Finland

D) Switzerland

195. A site containing 220-million-year-old fossilized remains of dinosaurs was discovered in Argentina recently. The capital of Argentina is

A) Jakarta

B) Buenos Aires

C) Manila

D) Kuala Lumpur

196. The Reserve Bank of India has put into circulation 50 rupees denomination banknotes signed by its present Governor

A) Raghuram Rajan

B) Urjit Patel

C) Shaktikanta Das

D) Viral Acharya

197. The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has imposed a fine of one lakh seventy-six thousand Euros on which country for not honoring the Pro League commitments?

A) Afghanistan

B) Bangladesh

C) India

D) Pakistan

198. The former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was sentenced to 36 months of preventive prison in which country recently?

A) Peru

B) Chad

C) Ghana

D) Niger

199. Which country recently resumed a China-backed rail link project at a new cost of 10.6 bn US dollars?

A) Myanmar

B) Indonesia

C) Brazil

D) Malaysia

200. A referendum was held in which of the following countries recently to approve the rule of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi?

A) Turkey

B) Greece

C) Egypt

D) Syria

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