Cloze Test – Verbal Ability

CLOZE TEST free pdf uot mba

CLOZE TEST This article will help you to understand Cloze test topic from Verbal Ability section, free practice pdf etc. A typical question from Cloze test can look like a paragraph with blank slots. You are required to fill the blanks with appropriate answer from given options. Example – Recently I visited Moscow, a  Russian city -(1)- many war memorials. There is a huge park in Russia -(2)- as peace park. -(1)- can be best filled by word ‘with’ & -(2)- by word ‘known’ 4 Tips to crack Cloze Test…

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Sentence Correction – Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

Sentence correction questions and answers pdf

SENTENCE CORRECTION The questions on sentence correction can be extremely tricky but easy to solve at the same time. You can still make it through if acquainted with some major grammar rules. This article will help you with concept notes, free test & free Q&A PDF on sentence correction. Common Errors Subject-Verb Agreement Modifiers Parallelism Pronoun Agreement Verb Time Sequences Comparisons Free PDF – 100 Rules of Sentence Correction Sentence Correction Free PDF Download 1000 Sentence Correction PDF Must Explore MBA Test Prep MBA CET Free study material All about…

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Top 20 Pairs of Confusing Words – Homophones

Pairs of Confusing Words – Homophones Hello Uotians, I hope you are doing well. Many times we come across words with similar pronunciation and get confused. A simple example to elaborate this would be ‘Board’ & ‘Bored’. That’s where the concept of Homophones emerges Homophones are two or more words having the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings. Here is the list of Top 20 pairs of words that can confuse anyone at times.   Allowed – [permitted] Pets are not allowed in this motel.Aloud – [out loud with…

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Parajumbles – Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension


PARAJUMBLES Hello Uotians, parajumbles or para jumble is a very interesting topic from VA/RC section of MBA Entrance Exams as well as Bank Exams. Parajumbles Concept Parajumbles is nothing but a set of sentences which are in random order, we need to arrange it in the correct order. You can find 4 to 5 sentence in a question that has to be arranged in sequence Parajumbles Tricks Tricks will be explained in the upcoming video. OPENING CLOSING SENTENCES ELIMINATE OPTIONS   THEME OF PASSAGE NOUN PRONOUN ADJECTIVES   TRANSITION WORDS/CONNECTORS…

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Reading Comprehension Tricks and Tips

rc passage uot mba

Reading Comprehension Tricks Hello Uotians, I know VA/RC is taking a huge toll on the overall score in the mock exam. Don’t worry, the video will help you to understand the tricks and tips to solve RC questions without wasting time. RC can be asked for max 20 marks in MBA CET exam. The ultimate aim should be to score the maximum with fewer efforts. Remember, if you do RC properly then you can compensate for other sections which might be your slow(weak) zone. Reading Comprehension Tricks Free PDF Download RC…

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