Caselet – Data Interpretation


Caselet from Data Interpretation section can be difficult because it requires the formulation of data from given statements. A word problem is given that has to be visualized then formulated in the form of table or set theory followed by the use of speed techniques to solve.

CASELET data interpretation uot mba

One must be well versed with concepts of Percentages, Ratio Proportion, Fraction simplification, Approximations, Averages in order to solve DI sets.


The squares of numbers till 30, cubes till 20 should be known along with percentage values of (1/2), (1/3),…..(1/12).


The typical sets are based on questions from Profit Loss, Simple & Compound interest, Production & Consumption, etc.

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  1. adarsh nimborkar scored - 90%
  2. Tarun bhavnani scored - 80%
  3. Raj scored - 70%
  4. Ragini scored - 70%
  5. scored - 70%

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